Palliative Care and Cardiology Collaboration

Good communication and relationships are key to effective medicine – between providers and patients as well as amongst providers. In order to strengthen the connections between palliative care and cardiology to assist patients living with end-stage cardiac disease, Dr. Jody Anderson from Palliative Care, and her cardiologist colleague, Dr. Daisy Dulay, determined to enhance the relationship between Cardiology and Palliative Care to identify areas of potential collaboration. They hoped that doing so would provide a more seamless transition for these patients approaching end of life and as a result, reduce visits to the emergency department, intensive care unit and cardiac care unit.

Last May, a group of palliative care physicians and cardiologists met to brainstorm ways they could better support mutual patients. Calling it “a great start to a new relationship”, Dr. Anderson was very pleased with the quality of the conversation and the general spirit of cooperation that pervaded the event. One potential area of collaboration identified was to support high-risk patients awaiting cardiac interventions (e.g. aortic valve replacement) with a palliative care consult, given the burdensome symptoms they experience and their poor overall condition.

Read more about Dr. Jody Anderson and Dr. Daisy Dulay’s work on the South Island Medical Staff Association website.

The South Island Medical Staff Association is pleased to share their recent physician engagement success stories. With Facility Engagement Initiative funding, the South Island MSA has supported physician-led engagement and quality improvement work at Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria General Hospital and beyond. While much of the work is ongoing, they are sharing success stories on their website. Projects are wide-ranging and include physicians throughout several departments.