Operational Excellence and Medical Staff

Operational Excellence is a multi-part plan intended to improve patient care and the medical staff experience. Launched in 2019, the eight work streams fall under three broad categories: The Right Care in the Right Place, The Right People with the Right Supports and Minimizing Unwarranted Variation in Practice. These work streams will help plan for increased activity and changing patient complexity. The complete plan is available on the intranet here.

At its core, Operational Excellence is about making the best use of acute care resources. Sometimes this means changing the way we work. All members of the care team are working to improve patient care and the staff experience. Medical staff are leaders throughout the organization and are in a position to help drive these goals forward and any medical staff are welcome to contribute to the Operational Excellence work streams.

Stay tuned for more information on Operational Excellence and how it relates to medical staff. Specifically work to improve staffing levels, utilize cost effective drugs and reduce avoidable emergency department admissions.