New and Improved Spectrum App Available Now

The Antimicrobial Stewardship team is pleased to announce that this week, an updated version of the FREE Spectrum app is being launched for anyone at Island Health to use. 

Aimed at (but not limited to) prescribing physicians and pharmacists, the app provides custom Island Health content that allows users to carry antibiotic resistance data and dosing guidelines in their pockets.  The app can use individual patient factors to enable tailored, evidence-based prescribing decisions. 

Users already benefitting from Spectrum will notice that respiratory, urinary tract infection and gastrointestinal pathways have all been recently updated to include additional content such as “Treatment Pearls” and reflect new published evidence. With new pathways uploaded every month, users can look forward to common Pediatric Infection pathways and Pharmacare Special Authority criteria included in the Drug information section by August 2019!

Also new is the "Hot Topics" feature.  The app can be used to quickly communicate information about current topics of interest, or drug shortages for example.

Spectrum also provides infection control precaution protocol recommendation for specific pathogens as well as current antibiograms.  And, by ensuring the right prescriptions are used at the right time and for the right duration, savings have been estimated at $175 per patient bed and can minimize Island Health’s contribution to growing global antibiotic resistance.

Have something else you’d like to see included in the app?  Going forward, content will be updated regularly, so please let us know if there are areas of particular interest.

Push notifications will be used to inform users when new content is uploaded and can also be used distribute other up-to-date information for example, about drug shortages or new guidelines.

Stay tuned for info about demonstration sessions at your site, or get started right away by downloading the free app for Apple or Android devices, or use on the web at  

Please let us know if you have suggestions for future content, or any questions about Spectrum by emailing

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