Memo: Update on vaccination appointments

The following has been sent to managers and department heads on behalf of: Dr. Ben Williams, Vice President, Medicine, Quality and Chief Medical Executive, Elin Bjarnason, Vice President, Clinical Operations – South Island and James Hanson, Vice President, Clinical Operations – Central and North Island

Posted: January 22

After a temporary pause to understand and adjust to the impact of the unexpected, short-term reduction in Pfizer vaccine supplies, Island Health has adjusted the vaccination plan to focus specifically on staff and physicians who spend the majority of their time providing direct care to patients in COVID cohort units, ICUs, high acuity units and emergency departments across Vancouver Island.

Staff and physicians who fit the criteria do not need to take any action to make appointments. Island Health’s call centre is contacting eligible individuals directly. Staff will leave messages for people who cannot answer right away.  Appointments will begin on Saturday, January 23 in Nanaimo and Victoria and on Monday, Jan. 25 in the Comox Valley and Cowichan Valley.

Anyone who has questions about their personal health or eligibility are encouraged to speak with their care provider and read the vaccine considerations guidelines posted on the B.C. Centre for Disease Control website.

We recognize that the slower pace of the vaccination effort is frustrating for everyone. All of our staff and physicians deserve access to the protection that vaccines offer. We are confident that this supply reduction is temporary, and we are actively preparing to quickly expand the vaccination effort as soon as supply increases.

During this pandemic Island Health’s staff and physicians have done an exceptional job of protecting themselves, their colleagues and patients by carefully following health and safety regulations. As we wait for vaccine supplies to increase it is essential that we continue to adhere to the measures in place at work and in the community to suppress the spread of COVID-19.

Thank-you for your continued patience and support.


For more information:

Recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines: National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Jan. 12, 2021