Medical Leadership Review Project

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In 2016, Island Health launched a new Medical Leadership Structure to ensure Medical Leaders are supported and to involve Medical Staff in decision-making. This structure has two parts; Departmental and Operational. There are close to 300 Medical leadership positions in total ranging from Department Heads, Division Heads, Section Heads, to Executive Medical Directors, Medical Directors and Medical Leaders.

With two years’ experience under this structure, it is now time to review and adjust it to ensure that it is working for those who serve in medical leadership positions, is meeting the needs- of both the medical staff and the Health Authority and is financially sustainable. Objectives of this Medical Leadership Structure Review are to:

  • Ensure every medical leader has received orientation, training and  are having their career development goals met
  • Identify ways to better support medical leaders in their role
  • Ensure every Medical Leader is actively participating in decision making
  • Ensure the department leaders have received training on the use of enhanced medical staff support for professional competence and conduct issues pertaining to medical staff
  • Ensure every medical leader position has clearly defined deliverables
  • Ensure the leadership structure is sustainable and every leadership position has a position identification number and budget

Timeline of the Medical Leadership Review Project

The review will start this fall and will be completed with approval of revised structure in March. Implementation is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.  The focus will be on ensuring that we have the right leadership roles to both be sustainable and compatible with medical staff needs while strongly supporting the strategic directions of the health authority.

What’s next?

The first task of the Medical Leadership Structure Review is to develop a project framework and steering committee to establish a terms of reference.

Medical staff will be provided opportunities to give feedback on the existing structure and proposed redesigned structures. More details will be shared as the review commences.

What can you do?

We are at your service, invite us to participate and talk about it where you think appropriate

Join the conversation; let us hear your voice, ideas, and suggestions. We are working on creating multiple ways of participating.


Dr. Erdem Yazganoglu, Medical Director, Credentialing and Privileging and Special Projects ( or the Medical Staff Governance Team at