Medical Leaders and Co-Leaders Gather in Parksville

The most recent medical leadership development workshop occurred last week in Parksville. About 60 medical leaders and their non-clinical co-leaders spent the day participating in the Leading in a Co-Leadership Model workshop. This workshop is structured to help leaders gain clarity about their signature leadership strengths, and how to combine these with another leader to establish an effective co-leader relationship. This accredited workshop helped leaders explore leadership and conflict management styles and develop strategies to build effective working partnerships.

Group of participants

Participants enjoyed the engaging mix of instruction, interactivity and stories as well as the break-out exercises and opportunities to contribute. Another participant appreciated the variety of activities and described them as the perfect amount of movement and partner and group discussion.

The same workshop will be held April 2 in Victoria. Although this event is fully subscribed, check the Medical Staff Website for details and registration information on future professional development events including the Leadership and Performance Growth workshop being held in Parksville May 9 and Victoria May 30.

various participants