March 24 COVID-19 Weekly Immunization Update

Posted on: March 24, 2021


“On Tuesday I immunized an Indigenous Elder and one of the question that we need to ask is what “priority" group they belong to. After telling me his status, he added “throughout my life this is the first time that I am being put first."  This had me tear up. Sad, yet it confirms that it is never too late to get it right."​

  • March 22-26 is the 15th week of Island Health's COVID-19 immunization program.
  • As of March 24 our immunizing teams have administered 101,803 of COVID-19 vaccine, including 89,221 first doses – more than 12% of the Island's adult population.
  • Thanks to the hard work of our immunizing teams continue to increase daily immunization tallies – 3,738 doses were administered on Tuesday alone.  
  • This week we are continue to immunize health care staff and medical staff, homebound and mobile home support clients, community health workers, community allied health care providers, people experiencing homelessness, Indigenous seniors 55+ and non-Indigenous seniors in their 70s.
  • All of B.C.'s health authorities are working hard to accelerate the vaccination rollout, providing registration access to certain age groups earlier than expected. You can learn more about age-based eligibility here.
  • INTAKE WILL CLOSE FRIDAY, MARCH 26 FOR STAFF AND MEDICAL STAFF: On March 16 Island Health distributed a memo to all staff and medical staff with information about appointments for those who have yet to receive their vaccine. That intake survey will close at end-of-day on Friday, March 26. If you have not yet registered for your vaccine please click here to fill out the intake form.  If you are unsure about the eligibility requirements please click here for more information.


  • RURAL, REMOTE & INDIGENOUS VACCINATION EFFORT OFFERS IMPORTANT LESSONS: All 50 First Nations communities on Vancouver Island have received access to the COVID-19 vaccine. How the vaccine got there is a richly layered story, yet to be fully told, that Island Health and its partners can learn from for generations to come. Click here to read more.


  • SUPPORTING VACCINATION FOR CLINICALLY EXTREMELY VULNERABLE PATIENTS: On Tuesday Dr. Bonnie Henry shared more information about vaccinations for people who are considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable. Click here to learn more about who falls into this category and how they will be scheduled for immunization.