Island Health's 2020-2025 Strategic Framework

The 2020-2025 Strategic Framework will guide Island Health over the next five years. Medical staff are an integral part of our health system and are key to achieving the goals listed in the Framework.  

With an organizational road map, medical staff can identify areas to get actively involved in driving change. The Framework shows where Island Health wants to be in the future but how we get there depends on medical staff and medical leaders' involvement.

Medical staff are encouraged to review the Framework to learn more about organizational priorities and goals and identify where their interests align. The goals are set but how they are achieved will be determined by input from medical staff, staff, volunteers, patients, clients and more.  

Good afternoon,

I am excited to share Island Health’s 2020-2025 Strategic Framework with you.

This is an important milestone for Island Health. Sometimes our days get so busy, we feel we don’t have time to look up and see where we are going. This Strategic Framework is our roadmap – the North Star that will help us ensure the decisions we make today and the work we do are contributing to the future we want for Island Health.

The four pillars of the Strategic Framework are:

  • Putting people at the centre of their own health and care
  • Improving the experience of the Island Health employees and volunteers
  • Achieving a sustainable health care system through operational excellence and innovative approaches to work
  • Addressing the social determinants of health in partnership with Indigenous peoples, communities, governments, and other key collaborators.

The Framework was co-created over the past year with extensive input from programs and leaders across Island Health, as well as our community and patient partners. It encompasses the goals and priorities of both the Provincial Government and Island Health.

I encourage you to read Strategic Framework Stories (intranet log in required), a booklet which includes the Framework and examples of work that is already underway.  Please visit our new Strategic Framework website (intranet log in required), and read the information and materials about how the Framework was developed.

While you are reviewing these materials, take time to reflect on how your work is aligned with the direction outlined in the Framework. Does the Framework describe the health system you want in place for your own care, and for your loved ones?

In the weeks and months ahead, your team will be discussing how your work is moving Island Health forward and you’ll explore how your voice can help shape work aligned with our Strategic Framework goals and objectives.  We need your energy and passion, because better than anyone, you know the challenges keeping you from providing the best care to your patients, clients and residents, and you also know how best to support your team.

My hope is that each of you will choose to lean into this work.  When  all 30,000+ Island Health staff, medical staff and volunteers are on the same path, we will achieve our goals for a better tomorrow.

- Kathy MacNeil, Island Health President and CEO