Island Health physicians and staff study MAID bereavement

Family physician, Dr. Konia Trouton, hospitalist, Dr. Chloe Lemire-Elmore joined clinical nurse specialist, Rosanne Beuthin and staff from the Victoria Hospice to research bereavement support for patients, family members and friends following an assisted death. Their paper, Attitudes and expectations regarding bereavement support for patients, family members, and friends: Findings from a survey of MAID providers was published in this month’s BC Medical Journal. The authors designed a quality improvement study to survey 18 physicians who provided MAiD since 2016. Most agreed that patients, family members, and friends need bereavement support in the days and weeks before and following an assisted death. Most physicians also indicated that they lack the time and resources to provide this kind of follow-up. Read the complete article at the BC Medical Journal website.