Island Health Online Overdose Reporting Tool


The province of British Columbia is in a Public Health Emergency related to opioid overdoses. There are significant challenges to understanding what is happening real-time in our communities as many overdoses do not receive a call to 911 which greatly hinders our ability to issue community alerts and deploy available resources.


The purpose of the Online Overdose Reporting Tool is to support the reporting of overdose incidents occurring in the community in real-time. When partnered with other data sources, the tool supports the development and distribution of community alerts and deployment of available resources. This information is not for traditional record keeping and is not meant to provide an accurate estimate of overdose occurrence. The information does provide valuable insight into overdose events occurring in the community, adding contextual information to overdose surveillance reports and informing the response. Of particular interest is any/all details on the substance consumed (i.e. appearance, packaging, unusual effects, etc.). It is helpful for staff to provide their name and contact information for follow-up as necessary.

Link to Online Overdose Reporting Tool**

When to Report

The Online Reporting Tool should be completed by Island Health staff & community partners in the following instances:

  • An overdose occurs where staff respond* - the form is completed based on their direct experience and information from the incident;
  • An individual shares with staff a recent personal overdose and their information is reported based on the information provided;
  • An individual shares with staff their recent response to/witnessing of an overdose of someone in the community -staff would then complete the form with the information provided.

We recommend completing the form if the overdose incident occurred within the past 2 weeks.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Colangelo, Overdose Response Analyst
Phone: 250-519-3417


*Please note: Overdose Prevention and Supervised Consumption Sites and staff working at those sites should follow the protocols for overdose reporting for their site.