Island Health Medical Staff COVID-19 Updates May 7

Island Health Medical Staff COVID-19 Updates May 7

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  • Province launches renewal plan for surgeries
    • The surgical renewal plan starts today with patient-outreach. Surgeries will resume May 18. Recruitment and training of new staff will begin in June. Extended operating hours and weekend surgeries will occur between June 15 and October 15.
    • Page 9 of the plan provides details on surgeons and anesthesiologists (medical staff website).
  • Provincial direction for Infection Prevention and Control protocol for adult surgical patients
    • New guidance includes patient screening tool and classification of patients based on a Patient Risk Categorization, direction on PPE, anesthesia approaches and for surgeries with risk of aerosolization. (medical staff website)
  • Provincial episodic overdose prevention service protocol
    • New guidance to observe substance use and respond to overdose outside of designated or fixed locations offering supervised consumption services or overdose prevention services. (medical staff website)
  • PPE mask update
    • Details on N95 mask fit reporting, refitting requests and alternate masks (medical staff site).
  • Eye/Facial protection cleaning and disinfection instructions
    • Updated guidance on Reusable eye protection and face shield cleaning and disinfection (medical staff website)
  • MyVirtualVisit will switch to device applications May 10
    • MyVirtualVisit is moving to desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad apps with different apps for providers and patients - learn more about how to switch (medical staff website).

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