Island Health Medical Staff COVID-19 Updates May 12

  • Provincial and Island Health Data


New Cases

Total cases

Total Recovered

Total currently hospitalized (ICU)

Total Deaths





63 (16)


Island Health




1 (0)


  • Island Health begins implementing surgical renewal plan
    • Island Health will resume elective surgeries after the long weekend with new measures to keep patients, staff and medical staff safe (medical staff website).
  • Primary Care COVID-19 Virtual consultations
    • New Doctors Technology Office (DTO) quick guide to assessing patients by video or voice call (medical staff site).
  • Intubation of Suspect and Confirmed COVID-19 Patients
    • New BCCDC guidelines for Intubation of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients (medical staff website). *Best Viewed in Chrome*
  • Management of Severe Respiratory Illness in Pediatric Patients
    • New BCCDC guidance on the management of Severe Respiratory Illness in Pediatric Patients during COVID-19 pandemic (medical staff website). *Best Viewed in Chrome
  • PPE-related skin damage management
    • New BCCDC guidance to prevent and manage PPE-related skin damage from increased usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. (medical staff website)
  • CEO/Chief Medical Health Officer Update May 12 (medical staff website)
    • A province-wide survey launched today to hear about your experiences and actions in the COVID-19 pandemic so far. (medical staff website).

Upcoming webinars & rounds:

  • Wednesday May 13, 7pm Acute Respiratory Distress: Approach and Management in the Suspected COVID-19 Patient (medical staff website)
  • Thursday May 14, 8am Managing COVID-19 Patients in the Rural ER: Diagnosis to Transport and Everything in Between (medical staff website)
  • Thursday May 14, 7pm COVID-19 Update: Office-Based Primary Care-Safety for Your Patients, Your Staff, and Yourself (medical staff website)


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