Island Health Medical Staff COVID-19 Updates March 24

Island Health Medical Staff COVID-19 Updates March 24


  • COVID-19 Order Sets
    • Two order sets, Treatment Adult and Possible Admission Investigations ED Lab, are now available on the intranet (log-in required). Palliative Symptom Management and AICU/Critical Care are under development and will be shared soon.


  • Possible COVID-19 Exposure in Victoria
    • People who attended the Sticky Wicket Bar & Restaurant in Victoria between March 5 and 15, Foxy Box on March 16, BF Beautee on March 11 and The Fix Healthcare on March 14 and 16 are being notified about possible exposure (news release)


  • Metered Dose Inhaler Supply memo
    • Only order MDIs for confirmed or strongly suspected COVID-19 patients so we can preserve our supply (medical staff website).


  • Emergency Department Physicians to Wear Surgical Masks on Shift
    • At this time, ED clinicians are supported to wear surgical masks on shift, expected to change into suitable PPE for suspected COVID-19 cases and use PPE judiciously (medical staff website).


  • EHR memo


  • New Doctors of BC Forum
    • DoBC created an online forum for BC physicians to engage with each other to discuss innovative COVID-19 ideas and solutions (medical staff website).


  •  Provincial Health Officer/BC Government Update
    • There are now 44 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Island Health and 617 in BC. 173 people have fully recovered (news release).
    • B.C. COVID-19 response update (info bulletin).


  • CEO/Chief Medical Health Officer Update: March 24, 2020


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