Island Health Medical Leaders learn about medical staff engagement best practices

Medical leaders from across Island Health met June 22 for an afternoon to learn more about medical staff engagement best practices and application. Island Health’s Medical Staff Engagement and Development team hosted “Engaging Medical Staff in Decision Making” workshop. This accredited training workshop was held in the Woodward Room at Begbie Hall while people in Nanaimo and Comox participated via video conference. 

This interactive workshop helped departmental medical leaders gain a deeper understanding of engagement methodology as it relates to leading medical staff teams and current initiatives.  Leaders learned how to:

  • Describe the departmental medical leader role in engaging medical staff
  • Assess the potential ‘scope of engagement’ spectrum
  • Examine and apply the spectrum of International Association of Public Participation engagement in change initiatives
  • Identify and assess engagement expectations and value

After attending, 97% of participants identified specific actions as a results of attending this session, providing knowledge and skills to ‘more thoughtfully approach decision-making.’

Medical leaders and staff, stay tuned for more accredited professional development workshops available in the fall.