Improve care of your patients in the hospital by sending in your recent consult or summary

Posted on: February 23, 2021


If you are a community physician or specialist with a private practice and you would like to send patient care documents to Island Health’s PowerChart, we have a web-based application that allows you to upload these documents directly from your office into PowerChart.  This shared initiative between community providers, specialists and Island Health will support the transition of care of our patients.  We now have a total of 40 different types of documents available that can be uploaded directly into PowerChart.

If you want to learn (or re-learn) how to upload your consults and patient summary into PowerChart please contact  Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support to excellence in providing patient care.

Sending patient information in to support transitions in care is more important now than ever. Here is a recent story from a family physician in Victoria:

An 89-year-old female, living alone, tripped and fell. She arrived unaccompanied to the Emergency Department with a hip fracture. The attending Emergency Physician and consulting Orthopedic Surgeon both commented in their dictated notes that the patient was confused, agitated, and could not provide a medical history, and that attempts to contact family were unsuccessful. Upon receipt of an admission notification the next day, the patient’s Family Physician completed a summary of her longitudinal health record and uploaded it via the EMR Connect Web Portal. It was accessed by the Hospitalist overseeing the patient’s care, who thus learned that the patient had dementia, enabling better understanding of the extent to which the patient was competent to provide advance directives. Further, the longitudinal history enabled Radiology to determine that a compression fracture seen on X-ray was diagnosed previously and was not a new acute fracture in need of further investigation. Access to past diagnoses also assisted the Hospitalist in determining that the patient’s hypertension was a chronic condition.