Hiring Support for Immunization Clinics -- a Herculean Effort

Posted on: April 7, 2021

The Island Health Human Resources team has screened more than 1,400 applicants for a variety of positions to assist with immunization clinics throughout the region.

About a month ago, the Human Resources team started reviewing the expressions of interest from Pharmacists, LPNs, RNs/RPNs, Administrators, Community Ambassadors, Medical Staff and Students. The total number of applicants by the end of March was 1,478. 

“Over the past month, the HR team has hired approximately 250 new employees to augment the hundreds of Island Health team members who are already involved at immunization clinics across the region," says Kent Flint, Executive Director, Human Resources & Organizational Development.  

The clinics will need a variety of different supports. As a result, a variety of different skills are needed and the HR team has reached out to diverse practitioners, including current staff, retirees, partners, and volunteer groups to fill these positions.  

“A significant-sized undertaking in a short period of time, the HR staff has done a phenomenal job reviewing and hiring so many new staff," adds Kent. "​I'm proud of the effort of our HR team and want to recognize and express gratitude for this enormous accomplishment."