Green Scrubs Reminder

Please do not wear green scrubs outside our hospitals

A reminder to all clinical staff at acute care sites that Island Health issued green scrubs are not to be worn outside of hospital propertyGreen scrubs are meant to be used in direct care areas where wearing personal clothing is not appropriate, and as such they may come into contact with infectious materials. 

Some citizens in the community have reported concerns that people who are out and about in green scrubs are potentially shedding infectious materials in public areas or picking up unwanted germs that could end up back in clinical areas. We acknowledge that not all people wearing scrubs in the community are Island Health medical staff, but as leaders in health-care, we need to set a good example.

As we aspire to provide a high level of care during this time of heightened viral awareness, it’s important to know that the public is watching. Thank you for not wearing green scrubs outside our hospitals.