COVID-19 vaccine orders for physicians/NPs caring for residents in LTC: A Message from Dr. Margaret Manville

Dear Physician/NP caring for residents in Long-term Care,


LTC residents in Island Health owned and operated, affiliate, and private LTC sites will begin to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 starting January 13th.  With the support of Public Health nurses and LTC staff, residents will receive vaccinations in their home.



  1. All residents will need an order from their physician/NP for the COVID-19 vaccine


  1. Physicians/NPs will be provided with Pre-Printed Order (PPO) for each of their residents. This form will need to be reviewed, signed, and sent back to the LTC facility prior to the resident receiving the vaccination.


  1. The LTC facility staff will obtain consent from the capable resident or the substitute decision maker prior to administration of the vaccine. Consent or refusal will be documented in the health record.


  1. The resident or substitute decision maker may wish to have a discussion with their physician/NP regarding the vaccine prior to giving consent.  If possible, please prioritize these conversations so that the vaccine can be given in a timely manner.


The pre-printed orders are being developed in the next few days.  You should expect to receive these orders and further instructions in the coming week.

Please prioritize returning these orders to the requesting LTC facilities as soon as possible so that your residents receive their vaccine on the day they are scheduled.

Your support in this historic endeavor is much appreciated by your LTC residents, families and staff.


All the best for 2021,


Dr. Margaret Manville