COVID-19 TOWN HALL: Tuesday, March 10, 1215-1300

ClickHere Please click here for the Transcript from March 9th Town Hall
(Updated March 12 at 07:50)


DATE: March 9, 2020

TO: All Island Health Staff, Medical Staff, Students & Volunteers

FROM: COVID-19 Incident Management Committee

Join a Virtual Town Hall meeting to hear the latest news around COVID-19 and Island Health's pandemic preparations. 

*Please note: there are a limited number of lines available, so will be on a first come, first served basis. We strongly encourage teams to gather in offices/meeting rooms and dial in together to limit the number of lines in use. 

**Please: mute phone lines, and do not place the conference call on 'hold'

  • When: Tuesday, March 10, 2020
  • Time: 1215 - 1300
  • Location: Videoconference and/or Teleconference


  1. Welcome and introduction of speakers/experts available  – Victoria Schmid, Executive Director, Quality, Safety & Improvement
  2. Medical Health Officer Update
  3. Updates and organizational preparedness
  4. Responses to questions

Have a question?

Questions will be taken via Slido using the event code #IHCOVID

The Slido event has already been set up – you can submit any questions you may have in advance by visiting and entering the event code. If you see a question posted that resonates with you or is similar to your question, please ‘like’ it to help us prioritize.



Please email if you have any questions.

Booked Meeting Rooms:

  • .MtgRm: NRGH G245 (45);
  • .MtgRm: QAC C051;
  • .MtgRm: GRH 428


join by dialing into the _VIHA VR Conference E - from the following video conference rooms:

  • Royal Jubilee PCC 169 (NEW!)
  • _Victoria RJH BH 301 (10);
  • _Campbell River CRG Mtg 4 (6);
  • _Comox Valley CVH Mtg 4 (6);
  • _Nanaimo RCO Aulds Rd Boardroom (10);
  • _Port Hardy PHH Boardroom (10);
  • _Port McNeill PMH Admin Boardroom (10);
  • _Saanichton SPH 1350 Clinical Lecture (30);
  • _Saltspring LMH Portable Classroom (20);
  • _Victoria RJH PCC C501 (10);
  • _Victoria RJH RB203 (12);
  • _Victoria VGH S208 Admin Boardroom (12)
  • Sites with available Telehealth rooms may book their own room and join through _VIHA VR Conference E

Staying informed: 

·     Visit Island Health's ‘source of truth’ - COVID-19 WEB PAGE on the Intranet.

·     Check the BCCDC’s web site for bulletins on emerging respiratory viruses and the most current information, the case definition and instructions on infection control measures for patients who present with symptoms.

·     BCCDC is now posting on its website the number of confirmed cases and number of samples tested in B.C. 

·     We are also posting information for the public on our social media channels. We encourage you to follow/retweet/share BCCDC’s and Island Health’s posts.