COVID-19 Pre-procedure Documentation in PowerChart- Choosing correct patient encounter

The following has been sent on behalf of Dr. Stephen Hentschel, Medical Director, Surgical Services and Marlene Weeks, Operations Director SI, Surgical Services.

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the COVID-19 Pre-Procedure Assessment PowerForm will be activated in PowerChart on July 15, 2020 at the following sites:

  • Campbell River General (CRG)
  • Comox Valley Hospital (CVH)
  • Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH)
  • Saanich Peninsula Hospital (SPH)
  • Victoria General Hospital (VGH)

Important:  In addition to the Learning Management Systems (LMS) course information you have received, please review the attached information about how to choose and document on the correct patient record and encounter.

Ensure you are choosing the correct patient encounter

  • Choosing the correct encounter is essential.  Please review the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) titled “Searching for a Single Patient Record” for steps on how to search for and select the correct healthcare encounter after selecting the correct patient.
  • If the correct encounter is not found, or if you are unsure about whether or not an encounter is correct, do not proceed with electronic screening.  Reach out to your manager/supervisor for direction.

Access the form from COVID-19 Assessment page

  • Accessing from the COVID-19 page will allow you to review any previous information documented

Complete the form when required using the correct section

  • Make sure you are completing the correct section of the form at the correct time.  The form has four sections:
    1. 24-72 hours prior to procedure
    2. Day of procedure
    3. Physician screening
    4. Final procedure team assessment
  • If your area does not require physician screening and a final team assessment leave blank

Make sure to sign the form when completed

  • When the appropriate section of the form is completed, use the green checkmark to sign the form

If you have specific questions, please contact Jen Duda, Manager, Surgical Quality (


Dr. Hentschel and Marlene Weeks