Coronavirus Updates

Information below is for medical staff (Physicians, Midwives, Dentists and Nurse Practitioners).

CoVid Visit the BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 page 
(Last updated: March 28)
IH Medical Health Officers Newsletters | From the Office of Dr. Richard Stanwick, CMHO 
(Last updated: March 17 | 16:18)

Island Health Medical Staff Memos 
(Last updated: March 28 | 17:30) 

Island Health Town Hall Meetings
(Last updated: March 25 | 18:35)

BCGov BC Government Updates 
(Last updated: March 28 | 15:34)



Emergency Operations Structure

Service Changes
(Updated: March 23  | 17:13)

(Updated: March 22 | 20:35)

Patient Care

CoVid Screening Guidance
COVID-19 Guidance on Sample Collection and Testing
(Updated: March 20 | 06:30)

Screening Clinics
South Island COVID-19 Screening Clinic
(Last updated March 13 | 09:22)


Treatment and Medication guidance
(Updated: March 27 | 16:17)


Patient Resources
(New: March 25 | 11:40)

Virtual Care

Virtual Care Infomation
(Updated: March 23 | 17:20)

Medical Staff Personnel

Info Medical Staff Self-isolation & Physician Quarantine
(Last udpated: March 25 | 11:44) 
Info Medical Staff Screening
(Last updated: March 22 | 21:18) 
Info Medical Staff Redeployment
(NEW: March 19 | 16:57)

Emergency Privileges 
(Updated: March 20 | 09:21)

Info Health, Wellness and Urgent Support
(NEW: March 20 | 16:40)
Info Doctors of BC Information & CMPA
(Updated: March 24 | 18:22)

Personal Protective Equipment 


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Utilization
(New: March 27)

Personal Protective Equipment donning and doffing videos

Personal Protective Equipment donning and doffing posters

(Last updated: March 12 | 16:30)

Clickhere N-95 Respirator Fit Testing & Reporting
(Last updated: March 20 | 17:26) 

Discipline Specific

General General Physician infographic
Primary Care

Primary Care Package
(Last updated: March 25 | 11:40)


Long-term Care 
(Updated: March 23 | 18:00)


Maternity Maternity Care Package
(New: March 25 | 17:49)
AmbulatoryCare Ambulatory Areas infographic


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Who to call

To discuss severe cases of COVID-19, (i.e. requiring admission to hospital) or patients who have been in contact with previously confirmed cases, phone:

North Island: 1-877-887-8835

Central Island: 1-866-770-7798

South Island: 1-866-665-6626

After Hours: 1.800.204.6166 – MHO

Log on to the Island Health intranet to visit the coronavirus page.