Congratulations, Dr. Angela Enright!

Island Health anesthesiologist, Dr. Angela Enright has been awarded the Royal College Teasdale-Corti Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Enright is a renowned anesthesiologist and officer of the Order of Canada who is widely acclaimed for her global efforts to make anesthesia safe and accessible for all. She is often sought out for her expertise, propelled in part by her success setting up education programs to reduce the loss of physician-trainees from low-income countries and implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. One of her greatest legacies is the development and distribution of low-cost pulse oximeters through the LifeBox Foundation.

She is “arguably the most outstanding living figure in the pantheon of Canadian anesthesiologists who have made an impact on global health,” says Douglas DuVal, MD, FRCPC, past president of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society.

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