Community Health Services Available during Pandemic

Community Health Services (CHS) remain in place and referral and intake processes have not changed since the pandemic. Home care and home support continues to be available for clients who require these services. CHS staff proactively screen all clients for COVID-19 symptoms every visit. Clients who have symptoms consistent of COVID-19 and are unable to reach a COVID-19 testing site, will be tested by a CHS nurse in the client’s home. Providers attached to CHS clients will be notified when their patient is tested by CHS. There is no change in the process for Providers who would like to arrange for COVID-19 testing for their patients.  

Respite services and Adult Day Programs (ADPs) were suspended in March to decrease the risk of transmission. ADPs have put a variety of measures in place to complete wellness checks, provide virtual programming where feasible, and put in place meal delivery. We are working with Ministry of Health partners to determine how and when ADPs will reopen, in a way that supports appropriate infection control measures and physical distancing advice. In addition, Virtual Care was rapidly deployed to 1200 clinicians within Community Health Services to support My Virtual Visit and reduce face to face visits where feasible. For more information on MyVirtualVisit.