FROM THE CEO: Island Health’s 2018/19 Annual Priorities Plan

From the President and CEO

There are many challenges in delivering upon the health and care that our patients and care team deserve. To effectively meet these challenges, we have to work together in partnership to create a different today for a better tomorrow.


Each year, the Ministry of Health provides strategic and financial direction to each Health Authority to guide our annual planning and priorities. This information is then combined with organizational priorities to create the Annual Priorities Plan. On June 27th, the Island Health Board of Directors approved the 2018/19 Annual Priorities Plan (Annual Plan) that guides our work this year.




This year, we took a new approach in developing the Annual Plan which is a result of feedback from you and your colleagues, along with feedback from patients and communities.


We heard from this feedback about the importance of exemplary patient and care team experience, and how it is foundational to our work. We also heard the commitment to improving the health of the population we serve and how we have to continue to increase value in the work we do through finding efficiency and innovation across Island Health.


As a result, we changed how we frame our work within our Annual Plan. We adopted the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim, an internationally recognized approach to optimizing health system performance. Keeping in mind our new approach, we added care team experience as Island Health’s fourth core goal to ensure that we clearly highlight the importance of the people who are the core of the delivery of health and care. Find out more about what we’re doing this year to improve care team experience under Goal 2 in the Annual Plan


By placing patient experience at the centre of our work, improving population health, optimizing the value of the health system and critically focusing on improving our care teams’ experience, I am confident we are better placed to fulfill our vision of excellence in health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.




In addition, this year we developed three key priorities that will showcase how when we work together, we can have an impact. I like to describe these as things that we will hit out of the park. That is a big statement, but I know we all have expectations to see change. In highlighting these three priorities, we are making a full and transparent commitment. I look forward to sharing how we are doing throughout the year on the following priorities:


  1. Advancing organisation-wide staff scheduling improvements.
  2. Spreading cultural safety and humility throughout Island Health with an initial focus on emergency departments.
  3. Developing a clinically-driven health authority-wide virtual care strategy.

These are all key areas that we know need to begin to change today if we are to create a better tomorrow. In upcoming editions of Currents newsletter, I will provide more detail about the three priorities, what we will be doing and why they are critical to the work that we need to advance.




Many of you will have heard about government’s priorities: increasing surgical access; advancing team based primary and community care through the establishment of Urgent Primary Care Centres and Primary Care Networks, improving the quality of care for our seniors, implementing a coordinated and robust mental health and substance use system of care, and improving care in our rural and remote communities. I would encourage you to review the many activities listed under Goal 3 in the Annual Plan to learn more about our actions to respond to government direction.


For more information on the Annual Plan, please see the new intranet page, which includes a copy of the Annual Plan, and other resources and materials to share this important work. Throughout the year we will update the page with stories on our progress against the Annual Plan priorities as well as mid-year and end-of-year updates on the work we are undertaking.


The Annual Plan is an organizational map created to guide our work throughout the year. I encourage you to see how the work within the plan supports you and your team in the upcoming year. If you have questions or comments, please talk to your leaders or send me your feedback.


None of this is possible without the efforts of you – our staff, physicians, and volunteers – working together with patients and families, and communities, to bring these goals and priorities to life.


We are truly better when we work together, as a team to deliver excellent health and care, for everyone, everywhere, every time.


Thank you for everything you do every day to make this happen.