2019 Vancouver Island Emergency and Critical Care Conference Wraps-Up

Earlier this month more than 250 people gathered in Parksville for the fourth Vancouver Island Emergency and Critical Care Conference. This event allows emergency physicians, nurses, residents, community GPs, allied health professionals and others to spend a weekend having fun and learning about all aspects of emergency care. VIECC Top 5 in 10 follows a unique format. Each presenter had 10 minutes to deliver the top five things about their presentation. Whether they were discussing emergency treatment of rabies, immunotherapy or culturally safe care the Top 5 in 10 format was used.

Conference participants enjoyed the quality of the presentations, meeting their colleagues from all over the island, engaging with other emergency team members and the rapid format and fun.

This conference is not possible without the dedication and effort of Dr. Omar Ahmad and Dr. Bruce Campana. Omar and Bruce spend hundreds of hours planning the presenters, location, entertainment, food and all the other details that go into preparing for an event this large and complex. This is not part of their job and after each conference they say “never again”, but they do it because they love emergency medicine and learning with their colleagues. Thank you, Omar and Bruce!