2019 Medical Staff Rules Review Underway

The Legislative Committee is asking for help from medical staff to review our draft revision of the Medical Staff Rules.

These rules govern every aspect of our medical life at Island Health, and we want to ensure that they are as clear and as fair as possible. We have created a website to accommodate discussion and receive input at Draft sections will be posted as they become available.

Why are we reviewing the Medical Staff Rules now?

This review process has been initiated in part to reflect changes in our organization including the incorporation of Nurse Practitioners, the further integration of Midwives into the Medical Staff, and technological updates, such as iHealth.

The review also provides the opportunity to help refine the relationship between administration and clinical staff. The model we are aspiring to is that of the medical staff member as a “citizen” within the health authority. As citizens, our responsibility begins but does not end with upholding the laws. But we also have the right to expect accountability from our leaders. The Medical Staff Rules are being revised with this in mind.

We look forward to receiving your input. We are confident that together we can make the rules better.

Again, the draft sections can be reviewed, and comments and questions can be submitted at: