N95 Respirator Fit Testing Note from Dr. Chris Hall | March 25 | 18:10

The first wave of N95 fit testing for those medical staff who perform aerosolized procedures is largely complete.

Fit testing teams will be shifting the focus to surgeons, surgical assists and primary care providers who do assists for C sections, as well as some other specifically identified physician groups.

Fit testing teams will be in touch with relevant medical leaders to enable efficient and organized N95 fit testing in this second wave. 

Medical staff members who wish to request N95 fit testing should do so on the medical staff website N95 link

Please be advised that an N95 mask is for specific interventions only and is not indicated for use for non-invasive patient care.

Those who have already been fit tested PLEASE document it on the med staff website.  Month and year are just fine, if you cant remember the date put the first of the month.

Have you already had a Fit test? 

Medical staff, please remember to document your fit testing here

Reporting requires your name, MSP number, college ID and the date your fit testing was completed.

If you can only remember the month and year of your last fit testing, please enter the date as the first of that month.