Intensive Home Monitoring (IHM) for COVID-19

Island Health has launched a new intensive Home Monitoring program to better support people during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Intensive Home Monitoring will use remote patient monitoring technology to support people with mild to moderate COVID-19, prioritizing populations most at risk of deterioration and poor outcomes.  Patients can start the program before COVID-19 is confirmed, however it is advised that testing be arranged if possible.  Patients complete a daily monitoring plan designed to assess if their symptoms are improving or worsening, as well as reporting temperature and oxygen saturation multiple times a day. Community Health nurses monitor the data and alerts, contacting Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to communicate changes in patients’ condition as required.

Key information

  • Registered nurses are actively monitoring patients 7 days a week, 08:00 – 18:00.
  • All referrals to Intensive Home Monitoring are high priority referrals; the patient will be contacted within 6 hours of the referral being received.
  • Patients can do the monitoring plan on their own smart phone, tablet or computer. If the client does not have their own device, a 3G enabled tablet will be delivered.
  • A pulse oximeter will be delivered to the patient and they will be asked to use their own thermometer.
  • The monitoring clinicians will do telephone support multiple times a day until the patient can complete their monitoring plan and their biometric measurements.
  • Patients will be monitored until their symptoms abate or they are admitted to hospital.
  • PCPs will be notified of admission, discharge and any alerts or changes in symptoms that require their attention.
  • Starting next week, this monitoring information will be available on the Remote Patient Monitoring MPage in PowerChart.
  • During their monitoring period, patients who require in-person medical assessments less acutely than through emergency department, can be referred by their PCP to Island Health COVID-19 Assessment Clinics (COVID-19 testing requisition)

Eligible Patients

  • Vulnerable adult patients at home with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Any of the following factors are indicative of  being vulnerable to  severe outcomes during the pandemic:
    • Over 60
    • Seniors in independent or assisted living
    • Chronic disease, including heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, hypertension
    • Immunocompromised
    • Frail patients
    • Patients living alone in isolation or quarantine
    • Patients with other medical concerns

Referral Information

  • Referrals are through usual Community Health Services pathways; phone or fax Community Access:
    • Greater Victoria: call 250.519.5282 or fax 250.519.5288
    • Cowichan Communities, Nanaimo Area, Port Alberni and Oceanside Communities:
      • call 250.739.5748 or 1.877.734.4141
      • fax 250.739.5751 or 1.877.754.2967
    • Comox Valley: call 250.331.8570 or fax 1.250.331.8569
    • Campbell River and North Island: 1.250.331.8530 or fax 1.866.931.0211

To contact the Intensive Home Monitoring Nurses directly: 1-833-610-2255  

COVID-19 Visual Summary Tool from British Medical Journal