Dr. Chris Hall

Executive Medical Director, Medical and Academic Affairs

Kelly Murphy

Consultant, Medical & Academic Affairs

Dr. Malcolm Ogborn

Executive Medical Director, Research and Capacity Building

Dr. Ian Thompson

Executive Medical Director, Medical Staff Governance

Dr. Michelle Weizel

Executive Medical Director, Medical and Academic Affairs

Dr. Erdem Yazganoglu

Medical Director, Credentialing & Privileging & Special Projects

Laura Nielsen

Director, Medical Staff Engagement, Change Readiness & Change Management

Christine Jeffrey

Director, Physician Compensation and Practice Design

Brenda Warren

Director, Medical Staff Support



Jennie Aitken

Manager, Physician Quality Improvement

Jennifer Furtado

Manager, Medical Staff Engagement & Development

Liz Gronsdahl

Medical Staff Contract Management Manager

Pan Sivananthan

Medical Staff Governance & Credentialing and Privileging Manager

Eva Vincent

Recruitment Manager