Victoria Doctors Study CBT Skills Program

Psychiatrists Dr. Joanna Cheek and Dr. Erin Burrell and project manager Ms. Tomori studied self-management training in cognitive behavioural therapy by looking at the Victoria CBT Skills Group. Their findings are included in the recent issue of the BC Medical Journal.  

A team of family physicians and psychiatrists developed the Victoria CBT Skills Group with funding from the Shared Cared Committee and the Victoria Division of Family Practice, to deliver evidence-based primary care treatments for mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety.

By examining the data from a three-year period, the authors found that the CBT Skills Group is a cost-effective way to deliver early intervention services and the group visits may help reduce stigma. Challenges include patient dropout rates and a lack of resources to screen patients.

Read more about Dr. Cheek, Dr. Burrell and Ms. Tomori’s work in the BC Medical Journal.