Primary Care Provider Patient Summaries in Powerchart

Family physicians in Victoria are preparing summaries of their patient’s longitudinal information to support care when those patients are admitted to hospital.

You have this information at your fingertips! It’s in PowerChart. Clinicians have found this information valuable in checking for allergies, confirming if assessments have been done, and in initiating discharge planning.

Dr. Matt Billinghurst walks you through how easy it is to find this information in this Patient Summary Video.


Did you know that you can find a family physician’s fax number easily in PowerChart? Learn more with this video.


You can access Primary Care Provider (PCP) contact information and the PCP Patient Summaries easily in PowerChart by following the instructions in the videos.

Island Health and the Victoria Divisions of Family Practice have teamed up to develop two incredible videos to help staff find this information in a timely fashion. 

Thank you to Dr. Matt Billinghurst and Distributed Multimedia Services for developing the content.