Hospital At Home will launch this October

Island Health is experiencing increased demands on our health care system creating the need for flexible health services that support patient access to safe and appropriate care. Grounded in program experience from around the world and informed by the needs of Island Health's population, we are launching a new and innovative program called Hospital at Home (HaH) in October 2020 out of the Victoria General Hospital (VGH).

HaH at Island Health will provide hospital-level interdisciplinary care to acutely ill adult patients in their own home, who would otherwise be admitted to hospital. HaH allows for a subset of acutely ill, clinically stable patients to choose a safe and effective alternative to traditional facility based in-patient treatment. HaH patients will have 24/7 access to treatment, diagnostics, and hospital-level expertise from the comfort of their own home.

HaH has been proven internationally (eg: in Australia and in the UK) to produce high levels of patient satisfaction, reduced lengths of stay, and equivalent or better clinical outcomes when compared to standard hospitalization. Two hospitalists based out of VGH, Dr. Elizabeth Crisci and Dr. Shauna Tierney have led this transformative initiative so far and will support the HaH pilot program, including providing care for hospital-level patients within the VGH catchment area. From the initial pilot program, HaH will be evaluated and scaled to support up to 30 patients out of VGH and then rolled out to additional sites across the Island and province.

In early September, YOU will have the opportunity to join the HaH Team! We will be recruiting care team members including RNs, Pharmacy, and Clerical staff. Communication will be distributed broadly when positions are posted, so if you are interested in becoming involved, please stay tuned for more updates on the Hospital at Home program launch!

If you would like further information on this initiative or have any questions, please contact Tasha McKelvey (Director, Special Projects) at ​

Physicians participating in this initiative were compensated primarily through the Health System Redesign (HSR) Initiative. HSR is supported by three Joint Collaborative Committees of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health:  Shared Care, Specialist Services, and General Practice Services Committees. HSR funding is intended to assist health authorities to receive meaningful physician input and engagement in time-limited acute and community-based service redesign activities, projects and broad scale physician engagement. Additional support was provided through the Facility Engagement Initiative (funded by the Specialist Services Committee through the South Island Facility Engagement Initiative).