Flu Clinic and Reporting

For all Medical Staff (i.e. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, etc.)

Self-report that you have received the flu shot, or report your choice to wear a mask.

Whether you receive the flu shot from an Island Health flu clinic, a Peer Flu Champion, a community pharmacy, family physician or from Public Health, it needs to be reported by using the online Medical Staff Self-Reporting tool.

The reporting tool can be found on the home intranets “Flu Shot" website.

or report your flu shot here.

A Message about Flu Shots from Dr. Ian Thompson

  • Getting your influenza vaccination will help protect you, your patients and your community. People need all the protection we can offer them, now more than ever. Please get your flu shot and use the medical staff self-reporting tool.

Need a flu shot?

Flu Clinics, available October 18 - November 9, 2021:

Do you need more details? Please click here.