Virtual Care

To enable social distancing and reduce in-person patient and client visits, Island Health is actively working with clinicians to shift services to virtual care delivery. The following new virtual care services are being deployed, and clinicians who deliver services that can be delivered virtually are encouraged to reach out to the contacts provided below for information on how to adopt the virtual tools:  

  1. MyVirtual Visit – Island Health has a new toolset that enables video visits from any location and device, and supports clinical workflow with scheduling of virtual visits.  Island Health ambulatory services, community health services, primary care and urgent care are actively being enrolled to provide virtual visits. Requests to enroll in MyVirtualVisit can be sent to Requests will be prioritized and attended to as fast as possible.  In the meantime, all clinicians are encouraged to use other existing tools to connect virtually with patients and clients, including telephone, SKYPE, or FaceTime.  WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are not recommended. 

    MyVirtualVisit Information for Healthcare Providers


  2. COVID-19 Virtual Monitoring – a new COVID-19 virtual monitoring protocol has been established and added to the existing Island Health Home Health Monitoring (HHM) service.  COVID-19 virtual monitoring will be used by Public Health to monitor patients at home. Home Health Monitoring for other patient cohorts, including those with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), COPD, Diabetes, and Palliative Care, continues to be available. Contact for information on how to refer and enroll patients in the existing HHM service. 
    Intensive Home Monitoring (IHM) - Intensive Home Monitoring uses remote patient monitoring technology to support people with mild to moderate COVID-19, prioritizing populations most at risk of deterioration and poor outcomes. To contact the Intensive Home Monitoring Nurses directly: 1-833-610-2255 or
  3. Virtual Primary Care Clinic - the creation of a virtual COVID-19 clinic is being planned to support referrals from screening clinics and unattached patients. More details will be shared when available.


Please see the Virtual Care Platforms Summary Chart for guidance on the use of the various virtual technologies that are available in our ecosystem. Their appropriateness ranges between approved, endorsed and banned.



Update on Available Virtual Visit Options April 28, 2020


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Clickhere Virtual Care Platforms Summary Chart 
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Telehealth / Virtual Service Fee Codes
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Funded Zoom video-conference licenses available for rural physicians and NPs during Covid-19 outbreak