Medical Lead, Anesthesia RJH 100-1139

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The Medical Lead Anesthesia RJH is a co-leadership position with operational decision-making responsibilities. With the position’s Co-Leader, the Medical Lead works proactively with others (including patients) to enhance teamwork (including collaboration between physicians and staff) and to facilitate continuous quality improvement of Anesthesiology services at the Royal Jubilee Hospital site. This position reports to the Site Medical Director/Chief of Staff

Main responsibilities of this position:

  1. Leadership: Co-leads activities to ensure physicians and staff work as a team to monitor and improve service delivery; Links with appropriate Division Heads and Chiefs of Staff to address matters of physician governance, including professional medical practice issues.

  2. Operations & Quality: Implements processes and structures to engage physicians and staff in continuous quality improvement of service delivery; Monitors team budget and performance jointly with Co-Leader, and makes course corrections when necessary; Initiates investigations of team-related PSLS and PCQO events.

  3. Change Management: Acts as change management ‘champion’ to engage and support physicians and staff through change.

  4. Informatics: Leads team activities that advance technology and data use to improve service delivery using the electronic health records (EHR) in collaboration with the Quality Systems team.

  5. Planning: Assesses, monitors and anticipates team resource needs and works with medical leaders and administrative leaders to prioritize these needs within available resources.

Job Types
Medical Leadership
Anesthesiology, Pain & Perioperative Medicine

Royal Jubilee Hospital


Melissa Allen, Medical Staff Recruitment Coordinator


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Medical Administration Service Contract
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Active member of the Island Health Medical Staff

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