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Island Health is seeking Site Medical Directors for Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) and Victoria General Hospital (VGH). The Site Medical Director is a leadership position focussed on the short and long term clinical operations of a hospital site. As Site Medical Director, the position works in a co-leadership model with the Site Director to ensure integrated, high quality medical service delivery within the site across all Departments and Portfolios.   

Main responsibilities of this position:

  1. Leadership: Co-leads and oversees activities to ensure high quality medical service delivery is comprehensive and integrated within the site; understands the role of the site as a tertiary referral center with island wide responsibilities for patient care within Island Health. Links with appropriate Departmental Medical Leaders of all levels to address matters of medical practice, including individual and group practice operational issues.  Is an exemplar of medical leadership, involvement and engagement.  Works collaboratively with the Chief of Staff for the site on physician governance issues.
  2. Operations & Quality: Co-monitors site performance with a focus on issues that arise within and  between programs, and facilitates course corrections when necessary. Ensures appropriate investigation and resolution of site-related PSLS and PCQO events; participates in Section 51 review where applicable.  Collaborates with Departmental Medical Leaders and Medical Affairs to address individual practitioner and interdepartmental operational and quality issues.  Maintains a visible presence at the site.
  3. Change Management: Co-develops and implements change management plans to engage and support site physicians and staff through change.  Assists with directing change initiatives through appropriate channels. 
  4. Informatics: Oversees activities that advance technology and data use to improve service delivery using the electronic health record (EHR) in collaboration with the Quality Systems team, while facilitating the physician experience and the quality and safety of medical care at the site.
  5. Planning: Assesses, monitors and anticipates site resource needs and works with medical leaders and administrative leaders to prioritize these needs within available resources. Participates actively in the stewardship of health care resources.

This position will also be expected to:

  • Work with the Clinical Director to support the Community Health and Care Strategy and the move to a community hub model
  • Develop strong working relationships with the local Division of Family Practice
  • Work with Acute care Medical Director counterparts to support the Community and Acute Care partnership to support care as close to home as possible
  • Regularly attend regular meetings with EMD and MHO
  • Regularly meet with SIMAC executive
  • Regularly act as co-chair of SIMAC; ensuring relevant reports are generated and submitted within deadline. Ensure two way communication between SIMAC and its members and HAMAC and its members to ensure relevant issues have discussion, follow-up and closure.
  • Co-Chair the Geography 4 Local Quality Council meeting according to Terms of Reference for that committee (rotating chairship)
  • Regularly attend Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee meetings.

The Site Medical Directors Clinical Operations reports to both an Executive Medical Director and an Executive Director for Geography 4.

Chief of Staff role:

Either the RJH or VGH Site Medical Director, Clinical Operations will be appointed by the VP of Medicine to be the Chief of Staff for both sites in Geography 4.  The Chief of Staff will have a separate stipend in addition to the Medical Director position.  The Chief of Staff reports to both the VP of medicine and the Executive Medical Director of Geography 4.

The Chief of Staff position links directly with Department Heads and Division Heads to monitor and enhance medical governance for both the RJH and VGH sites, providing uniform physician governance for the two sites. The Chief of Staff collaborates with Department and Division Heads to address matters of physician governance, including professional medical practice issues.  The Chief of Staff is an exemplar of professionalism, medical leadership, ethical practice, and professional self regulation.

The Chief of Staff for Geography 4 Acute Care is the primary local physician governance position within the geography, responsible for all facets of quality medical care delivered within the two sites.  The Chief of Staff works directly with Department and Division Heads to address issues of medical staff governance and integration between programs and departments in the provision of high quality medical care and a collaborative working environment.

Start Date:

As soon as possible


Job Types
Medical Leadership

Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) and Victoria General Hospital (VGH)


Interested candidates please attach your CV, letter of interest, and the names and contact information for 3 referees.

Shannon Williams, Medical Staff Recruitment Coordinator


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