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The Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) Initiative is an innovative partnership formed in 2015, funded by the Specialist Services Committee, one of the four joint collaborative committees of Doctors of BC and the BC government.  Through the PQI Initiative, Island Health is undertaking an enhanced approach to quality improvement, which includes providing physicians an opportunity to lead quality initiatives. With approved funding for multiple years, a number of physicians and staff will be tasked to support the efforts of this initiative.  This position reports to the PQI Health Authority Sponsor.

In accordance with the Vision, Purpose, and Values, and strategic direction of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) patient and staff safety is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone; as such, the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position.  SSC strategies include but are not limited to, engaging physicians to discuss, prioritize and act on system improvement opportunities; enabling health system improvement by supporting physicians in quality improvement initiatives; and supporting physicians to deliver quality care by building physician capacity in leadership and QI skills. The Physician QI Advisor will support PQI Physician Leaders to complete their Cohort projects with guidance, QI expertise and coaching.


  • Foster QI training as a method of physician engagement in order to drive a culture of improvement and engagement at Island Health.
  • Provide one-on-one mentoring and coaching to PQI physician cohort to ensure they are supported to complete timely successful QI projects using the Model for Improvement in collaboration with PQI team and physician members.   
  • Oversee the development of projects undertaken by PQI graduate physicians funded by the PQI program.
  • Ensure PQI physician cohort members receive medical input to advance the QI projects in a timely manner.
  • Liaise with quality structures and Quality, Safety and Improvement to promote alignment and advancement of physician QI projects.
  • Provide input into the educational program for the physician cohort in partnership with the PQI manager and HA sponsor, based on direction from the PQI Joint Steering Committee, which is comprised of representatives from SSC, Island Health and clinically active physicians
  • Participate in and help facilitate learning opportunities for the physicians of Island Health to increase their capability for QI.
  • Provide input into the selection of physician QI projects through participation on the steering committee.
  • When required, attend and participate in the PQI Network Group to work collaboratively with other health authorities to share learnings and provide guidance on development and implementation of an PQI model.
  • Attend and participate in the PQI Joint Steering Committee and other identified QI efforts to ensure a comprehensive and coherent approach to quality across the organization; and to identify areas of highest need for QI and support physician involvement in developing projects to support these improvements.


Ensures services of the SSC PQI Initiative within Island Health are:

  • Aligned with the criteria as determined by the SSC Joint PQI Steering Committee;
  • Consistent with medical staff roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Island Health Medical Staff Rules;
  • Benchmarked and measurable to ensure movement towards a goal;
  • Effectively communicated to all stakeholders;
  • Integrated within and across programs and services; and
  • Delivered in an effective and efficient manner.


1. Quality Improvement Training and Activities

  • Participate in quality improvement (QI) training sessions.
  • Actively promote QI within his/her region/community in Island Health.
  • Coach and mentor physician colleagues on QI projects of his/her own.
  • Support learning opportunities for the physicians of Island Health to increase their capability for QI.
  • Guide the development PQI physician cohort projects and projects undertaken by other physicians funded by PQI.


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Medical Leadership
Medical & Academic Affairs
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To apply please email your CV and cover letter to:

Carolyn Carlson, Manager Physician Quality Improvement



We would like to thank all candidates in advance for their interest and only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.  Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to confirm the receipt of individual applications or resumes. 

Medical Administration Service Contract
Education, Training and Experience
  • Medical Doctor in active clinical practice with current, or eligibility for, registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC
  • One year of clinical experience, preferably within Island Health
  • Demonstrated leadership skills (ability to lead teams and to promote teamwork)
  • Ability to adapt readily to a rapid and changing environment and respond with initiative.
  • Demonstrated understanding and experience in motivating staff to be involved in continuous quality improvement.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively and efficiently manage human and fiscal resources.
  • Executive or leadership training (e.g. MBA, Physician Management Institute or equivalent) will be considered an asset.
  • Demonstrated ability to guide individuals and groups while maintaining group cohesion, motivation, commitment, and effectiveness.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively introduce and manage change that is consistent with the vision, purpose, and operating principles of the SSC Physician QI Initiative
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, develop, implement, manage, and evaluate programs.
  • Excellent negotiation, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to relate effectively with clients, medical staff, and members of the interdisciplinary Physician QI Teams.
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