Medical Lead - MHSU Addictions Medicine for Geo 2/3 200-0811

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The Geo 2/3 Medical Lead Substance Use is a co-leadership position with operational decision-making responsibilities in the Central Island. With the position’s Manager Co-Leader, the Medical Lead works proactively with others (including patients) to enhance teamwork (including collaboration between physicians and staff) and to facilitate continuous quality improvement of substance use/addictions and early intervention services across Island Health

Geography 2/3 (IH Geos 2 and 3)

This position reports to Medical Director, Addiction Medicine

Clinical Leadership:

- Co-leads with relevant IH Geo 2/3 Substance Use (SU) managers to ensure:

  • physicians and staff work as a team to provide efficient and accountable service delivery aligned with Island Health’s strategic plan/priorities;
  • the various components of IH Geo 2/3 SU services function in a coordinated fashion

- As part of the Central Island MHSU Leadership Council, participates as part of a collaborative multidisciplinary team in clinical discussions relevant to IH Geo 2/3 SU services development

- Links with appropriate Division Heads and Chiefs of Staff to address matters of physician governance, including professional medical practice issues

- Links with physicians and leaders of non-Island Health Geo 2/3 SU service providers to help coordinate these services with IH SU services

- Provide teaching, in services, mentoring of staff as required/requested by the program(s)

- Works to build addiction care capacity and knowledge about IH Geo 2/3 SU services among primary care providers in the Central Island

Operations & Quality:

- Implements processes and structures to engage physicians and staff in continuous quality improvement of substance use service delivery in Geo 2/3;

- Works to insure that substance use services in Geo 2/3 are in line with current evidence-based addiction medicine practice

- Works with relevant IH Geo 2/3 SU managers to optimize appropriateness and maximize utilization of IH substance use services in the Central Island

- Initiates investigations of team-related PSLS and PCQO events

Planning and Prioritization:

- Assesses, monitors and anticipates team resource needs and works with medical leaders and administrative leaders to prioritize these needs within available resources

Change Management:

- Acts as change management ‘champion’ to engage and support physicians and staff through change required to meet

responsibilities as outlined above


Job Types
Medical Leadership

Christal Lawson, Medical Staff Recruitment Coordinator


Fax: (250) 716-7747

Shift/Hours of Work
Medical Administration Service Contract
Education, Training and Experience

◾ Active member of the Island Health Medical Staff

◾ Addiction Medicine training or experience and certification/pursuing certification

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